Exam dates JUNE AND JULY 2021

Mercoledì, 7 Aprile, 2021

Exam dates are published:


open the link, and check the individual sheets:

from sheet number three begins the calendar of appeals for each course of study:

L-31 informatica convenzionale

L-31 informatica teledidattica 

L-31 acsai 

LM-18 computer science

Teachers can open Exam. Students of systems prior to the one in delivery must verify access to the reservation (after the reservation has been opened) and write to the teaching secretariat (segr.didattica@di.uniroma1.it - link sends e-mail) to request the assignment of the replacement recorder with the teacher who provides the teaching in this academic year 20-21.

You only respond to student messages with sapienza student institutional email.

Please make sure the appeals are open. And to give all teachers time to open them.