The Computer Science Department at Sapienza, University of Roma, offers several master CS courses in English for our international and Italian students.


! Things to know

If you are an Erasmus Student and you want to apply for the Department of Computer Science in Roma La Sapienza please contact Prof. Daniele Gorla (subject: Erasmus incoming). 
Foreign students (non Erasmus) willing to apply for our Master program should send an email to Prof. Emiliano Casalicchio

All foreign students that need any kind of support (logistical, bureaucratic, didactic, ...) can send an email to

? Why spending a semester attending our Computer Science courses?

According to Microsoft Academic Search, Sapienza is among the top-rated organizations in the following fields: Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Networks and Communications, Theory. Our Department members and doctoral students received several important research awards and grants. Just recently, we received the following prestigious awards: three ERC starting grants, two Google Europe fellowships, three Google Research Award, two IBM Research awards, a Marie Curie fellowship, and more.

Our department attracted researchers from Europe and USA, who currently are permanent staff members. We host also PhD students and visiting professors from many countries.

Whatever your University choice, studying abroad is a great language, culture, and friendship experience. Students return more confident and independent. For many students, a period of study abroad has been their single most important educational experience. It is a springboard that enables them to dive deeply into foreign languages, society and culture.

With over 700 years of history and 145,000 students Sapienza - founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII - is the first University in Rome and also the largest University in Europe: a city within the city. In Sapienza there are over 4,500 professors and 5,000 administrative and technical staff.

For historical significance, architectural genius, night & cultural life, shopping and delightful cuisine, the city of Roma is hard to beat.

The Computer Science Department (Dipartimento di Informatica) at Sapienza, University of Roma, offers several master CS courses in English for our international and Italian students.

? Which courses are taught in English?

A presentation of our Master degree in Computer Science can be accessed from

Our Undergraduate and Master Programs can be accessed from:
Undergraduate Program
Master Program
Our master Degree is entirely taught in English.

General information, deadlines and application details for incoming Erasmus students are found on:
Erasmus Sapienza

Incoming students not belonging to the Erasmus program must refer to their University to obtain the details of the specific learning agreement signed with our Faculty or Department.
Foreign students visiting Sapienza from other regions have been over 30,000. Incoming and outgoing Erasmus students are about 1,000 per year. Sapienza is implementing ICT services for students, such as on-line enrolments, University e-mail addresses and wireless Campus hotspots.