LM-18 calendar for JUNE 2020, adjusted to the current COVID-19 situation

Lunedì, 18 Maggio, 2020

calendar for JUNE 2020, adjusted to the current COVID-19 situation:


This is the updated calendar for JUNE 2020, adjusted to the current COVID-19 situation. For any additional information: check the infostud booking page for the respective exam check the teaching / teacher's page write to the teaching office if you are unable to book an exam always use Sapienza's INSTITUTIONAL ACCOUNT (@studentI.UNIROMA1.IT) contact teachers by e-mail Important: students who are graduating from the July session - who should be able to take the tests to report by June 15 - must write it to teacherS in advance, especially if they have not scheduled the exam yet Students are equated wtih workers (when taking exams, when carrying on activities in Sapienza). Hence, they must take into account the following document: We inform you that the document '' INFECTIOUS DISEASES TRANSMITTED BY THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM - Indications to Workers and Equivalents for the prevention and protection of health (C004-20 L rev. 00 of 11.05.2020) has been issued '', which replaces the document C002 of 26.02.2020. This document contains the prevention and protection measures that must be known and applied by workers and their equivalent during work activities and during their stay in the Sapienza's spaces. The prevention and protection measures contained in the document, as well as all the indications and measures contained on the Health and Safety Portal (SGSSL), and in particular on the page ''Infectious diseases transmitted by respiratory system - P011_C'' (reachable at the link https://www.uniroma1.it/it/pagina/malattie-infettive-trasmesse-respirato...), are to be considered mandatory pursuant to art. 20 of Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments.