Within the postgraduate degree course students are expected to attend, in addition to traditional courses, also one of the subsidiary formative activities ( 6 cfu) listed below which are taught every academic year. The aim is to create cross-wise competences which are useful to complete the formative path of students and to help their integration in the labour market.

Every academic year the Department offers one or more subsidiary formative activities. During the current a.y. these are the formative activities which will be taught:

Artificial Intelligence for Trading (acronimo AI4Trading) N. Bartolini 6 I
Cyber-security Lab C. Cilli 6 I
Gamification Lab F. Lutrario 6 I
Design and System-Level Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems T. Mancini
E. Tronci

For any further detail, please contact the professor or visit the web-pages of each formative activity.

The subsidiary formative activity can be performed also in different ways:

  1. it can be agreed with a professor at Sapienza who will check that the workload is equivalent to 6 CFU and that the getting through the final assessment required. The result achieved has to be communicated to the professor nominated by the Board of Governors;
  2. it can be a course of at least 6 CFU successfully completed/passed while in Erasmus study abroad period and related to IT;
  3. for any different activity the Didactic Committee at the student request;
  4. moreover, as described in details in the web-page of “Rules and Regulations for the recognition of the CFU”, traineeship activities or professional certified skills could be recognized as equivalent to subsidiary formative activities for the postagraduate degree course.

The requests for the recognition of CFU concerning the subsidiary formative activities which involves items/points 2, 3 and 4 must be submitted to the Committee for the recognition of the CFU.

IMPORTANT: The complementary training activities appear in the lesson timetable under the name of Prof Mei (AFC-MEI), since he is in charge of registering the grades in the 2020-21 Academic year. The proper schedule for the different activities indicates the professor leading the specific activity. For any additional information contact the individual teachers indicated for each activity.