Master programme study plans

Students of the Master Programme in Computer Science are required to have a study plan (“percorso formativo”) in force in order to book and take exams.


What is a study plan?

A study plan completely defines the set of courses that a student plans to attend and to clear during their first and second year.

Without an approved study plan, students cannot book or take any exam.

Hence, students of the Master Programme in Computer Science are requested to submit for approval their own study plans at the beginning of their first year.

A study plan already in force can be revised by submitting for approval a new plan which includes all courses already cleared.


When a study plan can be submitted or revised?

Study plan submission and revision is open from September 1 to December 31 of each year.

However, students can submit or revise their study plans at most once per year (during the above time window). Also, they cannot change study plans still pending evaluation.

For this reason, we warmly recommend students to pay great attention when submitting their study plans, and to do so only when they have clear ideas about which courses to attend (at very least in their next year).


How a study plan is submitted?

Study plans must be submitted using the online study plan submission system called “Percorsi Formativi” reachable from within Infostud


When and how is a study plan evaluated and approved?

The study plan submission system prevents the submission of most (but not all) study plans violating the rules.

Plans successfully submitted via the system are evaluated and approved either automatically (in real time) or manually by the study plan evaluation committee.

Automatically approved study plans

Study plans which satisfy all the rules, envision a proper balance of the number of exams to be cleared in the first and second year, and contain only courses offered within the Master Programme in Computer Science will be approved automatically by the system in real time. The system will immediately inform such students that their plan has been automatically approved.

Note, however, that although approved immediately, such study plans will come into force as explained below.

Study plans needing manual intervention of the evaluation committee

Study plans not approved automatically by the system need to be evaluated and (possibly) approved manually by the evaluation committee.
The most common case demanding manual evaluation is for "custom plans" (percorsi individuali), plans which contain a too high number of exams to be cleared in a single year or which contain, in "Table D - Insegnamenti a scelta dello studente”, courses offered within the Bachelor Programme in Computer Science or by other Sapienza departments. 

For those plans, the committee needs to perform additional checks on the student curriculum to ensure their feasibility and to avoid abnormal situations (for example, we need avoid that a student includes in her plan a course too similar to a course that she already took during her B.Sc. programme, or a course covering an area very different from computer science with poor motivation).

Evaluation of those plans will be done each year, immediately after the submission deadline expires.


When does an approved study plan come into force?

Study plans come into force from the academic year in which they have been submitted and will be in force until a new replacement study plan is submitted and approved. 

Please, note that although academic years start in September, their first exam session starts on January of following year. This means that any exam session held from September to December belongs to the previous academic year and can be used by students only to clear exams of courses that belong to their study plans already approved in the previous academic year.


What happens if a study plan is rejected?

In case a study plan is rejected, the student will be immediately contacted by a member of the evaluation committee in order to give recommendations, fix the problems, and find an agreement on a new study plan, which will be submitted by the committee and approved.


How do study plans affect the possibility to book or clear exams?

The Infostud system forbids students to book and clear an exam which is not included in their study plan currently in force. 

The consequence of the above rule is that students who have no study plan in force (because they never submitted one for approval) cannot book or take any exam.


Are there exceptions to the above rules?

Yes, but only for students falling in the following categories.

Exception 1. Students who, for whatever reason, have the right to enrol in the Master Programme after December 31, may ask assistance to the study plans evaluation committee in order to submit their first study plan by the following March 31. The committee will evaluate and approve such plans within 15 days. Such plans will come immediately into force.

Exception 2. Students enrolled in the Master Programme in Computer Science before academic year 2017/2018 (hence until a.y. 2016/2017) may ask assistance to the study plans evaluation committee in order to submit a study plan from September 1 to September 7 and make such a plan immediately come into force. By doing so, such students might use the September/November/December exam sessions to clear exams included in their newly approved study plan.

Note that, unfortunately, due to different regulations, this exception cannot be granted to students enrolled in academic year 2017/2018 or later.

Exception 3. Students who are going to spend time abroad according to the Erasmus programme may ask assistance to the study plans evaluation committee for immediate changes their study plan, should they find serious administration problems at the hosting institution.

Exception 4. Students who cannot attend courses as envisioned in their study plans due to overlapping lectures may ask assistance to the study plans evaluation committee for immediate changes aimed at resolving such conflicts.

Whom could additional questions be directed to?

The contact point of the study plans evaluation committee is Prof. Toni Mancini.